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He wanted to overcharge me for the rate back to Tan Son Nhut and I agreed. I often wonder would would have happened to me, if that other cab didn't come along.

We were young, in excellent shape, and never so alive as we were being so close to death. It definitely makes me feel that someone appreciates us. Queen, Dec 08, 2001 URL: Comments: Greetings, I was surprised to find this Web page, but glad to see that it exists. Name: Bill Marras, Dec 07, 2001 URL: Comments: My name is Bill Marras, I was at Tan Son Nhut from July 1966 to June 1967, I believe, have to check my DD214 for the exact dates.

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I went to Saigon and had some civilian clothes order made at a Chinese Taylor to take to Japan with me.At first we were originally based in Misawa and our people would rotate every three months down to VN, so I was at Tan Son Nhut on and off and then our squadron finally got permanently based at Tan Son Nhut.I had five months left to go in the service and spent that time in VN. While I was there, the base was attacked and the first mortar hit a ground power unit that was standing between the two RF101 Voodoos I was assigned to take care of.We flew airborne television broadcast missions for AFVN and THVN (govt of South Vietnam broadcast service).I arrived at TSN in Jan of 1966 and broadcast the first television in country in Feb of 1966.