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And now the beauty, who has her own hair extension ranged named Hair Rehab London, is thought to have struck up a romance with Jon Clark, after it appeared the duo confirmed they're together as he celebrated his birthday.In recent episodes of TOWIE, however, the relationship is already causing drama for the duo as Jon and her ex Mario Falcone were reportedly embroiled in a war of words following a confrontation about the blonde beauty.Loudon Wainwright's younger sister Sloan Wainwright is also a gifted singer-songwriter with an amazing contralto voice and excellent, musically eclectic albums (she is the aunt of musicians Martha Wainwright and Rufus Wainwright). Prolific Louden also married Suzzy Roche, one of the three sisters in the band The Roches (Suzzy, Maggie, and Terre Roche).Louden and Suzzy's daughter Lucy Wainwright Roche is also a musician (and is half-sister to Rufus and Martha).Their management at the time said in a statement: "Unfortunately, Kirk no longer felt committed towards Lauren and decided the right decision for both parties was to separate.No other party is involved in this decision, and they hope to remain friends moving forward." Kirk, 29, is now a dad of two.

So the Cohen/Wainwright/Roche musical dynasty rolls on.Because cosying up to Jon, the 34 year old reality star had flings with other key members of the TOWIE cast, Mario included.Ahead of her comeback to the ITVbe show this weekend, here's what you need to know about the DJ's impressive dating history.Cleveland Browns Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Thomas says he is experiencing memory loss and that "most of the damage has probably been done already" after 10 seasons in the NFL.In an interview on "In Depth with Graham Bensinger" that was released Wednesday, the 32-year-old Thomas said he did not know for sure whether playing in the NFL has caused the problem. "I'm already seeing memory loss and maybe that's just because of my old age or maybe it's football, it's hard to tell.