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He also foresees that this girl will somehow change him.Can he trust his unreliable powers to combat these changes?The manager of said store has an answer for her but unbeknowest to both of them settling a bet might be life altering for both of them. Cyndi, chatting with a guy friend online, relates that she feels her relationship with Lisa has gotten into a rut, and would like to try something new.The Evil Supervillain Victor Villanova has perfected a lust potion and decides how best to deploy it among the citizens of Metroburgh, when he learns where his test subject works. Troy’s not in a position to be picky about his conquests, so when he’s given the chance to fix a girl, he takes the opportunity to nudge her towards something his handler would appreciate (and share). Drew introduces her to a strange new fetish, but when her first attempt with Lisa doesn’t work out, he volunteers to show her the ropes.But don’t worry–her boss insists there’s a perfectly innocent explanation for it all.hypnotherapist who has just completed his residency recieves the daughter of a fervent Fundamentalist as his first patient.Unable to resist his temptations, he hypnotizes the girl into releasing all her inhibitions.For Naomi, what starts as a typical “bad day at the office” ends up exposing a vast and entirely unexpected conspiracy.

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Here, prepared by members of the Garden of Mind Control, are thirteen chilling and erotic tales of Belle’s Beast.

Jim suspects that Katy may be more powerful than Jim with the gift of the Spores. Can Jim truly resist the perfection he had created? When Tracy, a conservative lawyer was convinced for her new stylist to try some highlights, she had no idea that it would be an experience that would change her life—and the lives of several others around her.

It is generally the practice of thrallers to take thralls of their own but Kyle didn’t try.

Professor Karyn Bell hasn’t made a deal with the devil; he gave her the power to control minds purely as a gift, with no strings attached.

Karyn’s determined not to use the power, for fear it will corrupt her, but even she has to admit, she’s very...