Wall street journal online dating services

, They point out Google’s recent entry (Lively introduced yesterday), Second Life’s quick rise to success, and IBM is working with their own virtual world engine designed for corporate use.

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As we understand it, communication online will be accomplished by selecting phrases (similar to Barbie Girls) or typed text with a filter.

For example, the ability to pass previously coded messages (such as “I like your hair” means “put 0 on Seabiscuit in the 6th”) between two authenticated avatars.

This communication channel might be utilized by everybody from computer hackers to terrorists. In terms of future applications, Disney has already said they are looking at “Clickables” in Club Penguin.

Later this year, Nexon plans to release “Sugar Rush” in the United States. Two types of charm bracelets and some charms will allow real world interactions to be replicated online.

It uses a similar model (free game and pay for accessories) in which users compete to gobble up virtual coins. Maple Story, an online role playing game for teenagers, is currently Nexon’s leading entry in the U. A magic jewelry case (with a USB port to your computer) “reads” your charm bracelet.