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App Ops is super simple and you’ll be able to toggle the permissions any app uses with a simple switch. So if you’re on Android 4.3 or higher, you’re in luck!One thing to note: Uninstalling App Ops isn’t as easy as just deleting the app from your phone, you need to download a special App Ops Uninstaller.Well, you might be surprised to know you can already do that.We already have a multi-layered plan to backup non-rooted Android devices, but Helium is a core part of that.Download: Native Clipboard for Android (Free)Marshmallow has two cool features to lengthen your battery life. Second, it detects when you aren’t using your phone and stops using data at that time. You already have a couple apps that will do the same things! Greenify’s auto-hibernation mode (available on Android 4.1 or newer phones) will stop updating apps you aren’t using and prevent them from slowing down your phone.Juice Defender, on the other hand, is an all-in-one solution for almost any battery-saving tip on Android.I suggest you also backup the APK, since it makes restoring easier for some apps that break compatibility with new versions.When you’re ready to install all this to a new phone again, connect it to your PC, download the app, and restore all your apps. Helium Premium will also let you backup to cloud devices and external storage, and it supports apps that the free one doesn’t.

However, there’s actually a better way than Marshmallow’s options.

Now, Chrome is the fastest Android browser Mozilla has released a new beta version of its popular Firefox web browser and it's got a fantastic feature for Android smartphones.

Tab Queuing opens external links later in the background in Firefox., which is reason alone to get it.

Native Clipboard is probably the best way to improve copy-paste on Android.

The app requires deep access to your Android device, but once you grant it those rights, it will copy anything in any text box, and paste any of your recent clipboard copied items to any other box. Even after trying out Marshmallow, I found myself wanting to get this app back, so in this one case, the current systems actually outdo what you’ll get on Android 6.0.