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Did you see ONE Antifa, Black Panther, Black Lives Matter, or street gang member there??? “Oh yeah - I saw a black guy with an AR-15, dressed in black, near the restrooms and thought YES!

The discovery that a Russian company bought election-related Facebook ads in last year's presidential race opens new avenues for Justice Department and congressional investigators.

At least one This Is Texas organizer realized the makeshift army had been tricked.

In a now-deleted post, a This Is Texas administrator named Dave confessed his disillusion to the page’s followers. “The charges you have heard about this being based on a hoax are all true. “We were told Black Panthers were mobilized from Atlanta and we were told ‘buses and buses’ of anti’s were on their way - never saw them,” Dave wrote.

In a video uploaded to the Texas Antifa You Tube channel (not to an Anonymous account) on June 7, the group declared that they had actually created the page as a hoax to drive gun-toting conservatives to defend the Sam Houston statue, which Houston’s mayor has stated is not being considered for removal.“It was always an Anonymous event to drive support and attention to an expired Texas law that protected its historical monuments,” the group said in its video.

Alt-righters who go outside began planning armed counterprotests against antifa.

And alt-righters on the internet began creating fake antifa accounts to discredit the largely anonymous movement.

The website It's Going Down called the Texas Antifa page a hoax shortly after its first post in May.

The ’ Craig Malisow debunked the page as an alt-right prank on June 1, although the page’s moderators, still proclaiming their authenticity, took to Facebook to attack Malisow by name.