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I can barely make it out of the room before the Lord starts tugging on my heart.

He lets me know that it doesn’t matter as much what Steve does that angers me.

Eventually God will show them how to work together on the mutual issues that are causing their problems.

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It’s the work of the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart that causes me to go back, apologize and approach things differently. The Lord speaks to his heart about a wrong way that he has treated or spoken to me.

We learned through by reading our Bibles and Christian books. It’s a matter of applying continual prayer, perseverance, and skill-building.

Eventually we learned by listening to Christian programs on the radio as the Holy Spirit led and spoke to our hearts. Sometimes it requires counseling or coaching sessions, and a mindset of being determined to do what it takes to truly “fix” the problems.

If you don’t, they will eventually come back and repeatedly cause more marital destruction.

It takes intentionality and a pro-active mindset to get our marriages to a place where they reflect the heart of Christ.