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The Bravo host also teased an upcoming series from the network, which rolled into Ripa and Seacrest's next costumes: 'The Realhandmaids of Manhattan.'In another pre-taped segment, the hosts could be seen fighting with one another as they roamed the city and grabbed coffee in the red robes and wide-brimmed bonnets that were seen on Elisabeth Moss and the other actors in Hulu's recent adaptation.

It was another matching look after that segment wrapped, with Ripa and Secreat coming back out both dressed like Wonder Woman.

Kelly (as Ryan) did her radio show and then prepared food for the green room and then worked as a crossing card and then did the annual staff medical exams and then took some livery cab fares and then went for a run and then did the running of the bulls and then sewed samples for his clothing line and then did a 'little work for NASA' and then did a 'Rockin' New Year's Eve' photo shoot and then taped 'American Idol.''It was a light day for me,' said Kelly (as Ryan).

That bit was shot with the Property brothers, who appeared as themselves in the segment.

The next guest to stop by the show was You Tube personality and comedian Colleen Ballinger, better known to most as Miranda Sings.

When asked how it felt to partake in the annual tradition, Kelly, left, said: 'Every shred of my dignity is gone.' Kelly pictured above with Daly (center left), Gifford (center right) and Cyrus (right) In a pre-taped clip, Lauer showed how Parton helped him prepare for the part, giving him a wig, padded bra and doing his stage make-up.

'Good Morning America dressed as comic book superheros, most of which were from the Marvel universe - which is owned by the same parent company as GMA, Disney.