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As my pal Sarah told me: ‘When you’ve been on your first internet date with a man who proudly shows you that he’s brought along a toothbrush “in case I come back to yours”, you quickly learn not to expect too much.’I soon worked out it was much better for my sanity to line up several dates at once, with the hope one of them might be fun, than to pin all my dreams on one man with whom I’d only ever communicated via email.

This wasn’t news to my veteran internet dating friends.

My friends are nosy enough to be texting for updates all evening, so they would immediately raise the alarm if I didn’t reply.

I don’t lie to the men I date, but I don’t tell them I’m seeing other men either.

Please don’t judge me: I’m not a woman with loose morals.

Like so many modern single women, I’m a multi-dater.