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Sagittarians are an all-around compatible pair that go hither and yon, to the amazement of everyone they know.With two look-before-you-leapers, there can be spills, too.This will show you what kind of Sadges are meeting up here.As eternal students, a key to a lifelong affair is shared philosophies and passions.

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This is a common bond that makes life an adventure and always new. First dates are all about excitedly sharing their passions, and future plans.Understanding the need to roam, they cut the other a wide berth.Sometimes this even means an "open relationship," and permission to pursue sexual experiences apart.Upside: bold flirting style; quick to take leaps; wide friend circles; exciting pace; world explorers; open to anything; generous and optimistic; inspiring friends.Downside: wandering eyes; sexual sampler; easy come, easy go; change addicts; flee from commitment; reckless; risky behavior; know-it-alls. This may sound nuts,but we can read eachothers mind.