Radiocarbon dating diamonds

He asks "Is there any way that new carbon-14 atoms could possibly enter and contaminate materials which are truly ancient? First, he says some have proposed that earth's atmosphere or moving groundwater supplies new C being delivered constantly.The material would have to be replaced over and over over millions of years.Background radiation is measured first, using materials that are thought to contain no C, would not influence the ages much.

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I agree that samples can be found which are not dead, however, in highlighting these samples and trumpeting them to their followers, they ignore the other samples which are dead.Without viewing RATE's calculations, there is no way to verify their claim.Herein lies the problem with the young earth culture.For some reason, you don't hear about these, because in the end, these would invalidate their conclusion, as you will see.Therefore, the young earth scientists "found exactly what they wanted to find." De Young goes on to explain the carbon dating technique using accelerator mass spectrometry, or AMS.