Pro cons of interracial dating

In fact, we're doing a fantastic job of conserving our "racial" genetics.In the United States, for example, although the rate of interracial marriage is up, it is still well below one fourth of all marriages [3]. I appreciate your response, and I - for the most part - agree with your explanation of genetics; however, there is nothing, outside of theories, to suggest that the racial differences are merely based on geographical separation.Unsustainable practices are fundamentally flawed, as they simply cannot sustain themselves.Because of this, why should we endorse and/or legalize a practice that is unsustainable, and erases the genetic diversity - the uniqueness - of pure races, the pure races that give such cancerous practices the opportunity to initially thrive?Now, where I believe the root of your argument comes from is summarized by your statement, "just as two dyes- when mixed - create on dye at the expense of both dyes, interracial dating does the same." Although this is a clever analogy and may be literally true (dyes that are combined lose their individuality to make a new dye), your argument is flawed and out of context.You're asserting that by allowing interracial dating, we would lose what some would consider, for lack of a better term, the "stock" of our species.Thank you for opening up the conversation about this topic. Let us first remember that the concept of race in our society is somewhat of a delusion [1].Varying "races" are merely humans that have been geographically separated for a long enough time to begin to develop traits that best suit them for their environment.

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This most certainly increases diversity among the human genome.

In short, it is extremely unlikely that we will run out of our reds and blues while we make our purple. For the sake of simplicity, suppose there are two people remaining on earth - a White person and a Black person.

However, if we refuse to mix our reds and blues at all then we will never have our purple at all. If a White person mixes with a Black person, the product is a mixed child.

The very thing that interracial dating seeks to promote, which is diversity, it destroys.

Such is to say, if one's reason behind dating outside of their race is an attraction to a different race, a partner of a different race is only available to them because that partner's parents, chose not to date outside of their race - proving interracial dating is unsustainable.