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The film returned to the car accident scene - also shown in the film's opening - when Simon was being treated by emergency personnel.Peter told him: "It's your choice, Simon, where you go. Cable - the father of the two sons] matter-of-factly delivered the news to Simon in the film's final line - with an added final sentence - "You died, Mr.Larraz (cult queen Mary Woronov), who urged her to break up with him.

Especially when she was high, she saw phantom apparitions that weren't there.

She was introduced by Dax's self-destructive, strung-out, drug-abusing half-sister Mila (Jennifer Ciesar) to Rick (Joshua Cox), who had also recently lost his sexy girlfriend Azami (Eva Scott) to drugs.

Strangely, Mila reported that she had seen Azami at Dax's gravesite.

At shot-gun point, he threatened to rape Jane in the back of his van, but Rick arrived and put a bullet in his head to save her.

With a blood-splattered face, she fled to a nightclub, where she was followed by a haunting Samantha and Azami and saw a decomposed Dax in a bathtub.

Piper perabo dating