Non sedating antihistamine drug list

It does not cause drowsiness and has a long-lasting effect. Brand name: Clarinex In some cases, second and third-generation antihistamines do not work.

In those situations, your physician may prescribe an older form of antihistamines, also known as first-generation antihistamines.

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These second-generation antihistamines have fewer side effects, and they do not cause drowsiness in comparison to the older generation of antihistamines.It works by decreasing the activity of histamine H1 receptors, which helps with the prevention of allergy chemicals which results in the relief of allergy symptoms.It has fewer side-effects than usual second-generation antihistamines, and there’s evidence that suggests that it may be more effective than other second and third generation antihistamines.Getting a hives outburst can be pretty annoying and scary at times, but luckily there is a great thing called an antihistamine medicine that can definitely help keep your hives at bay and help with the irritating itching and pain they bring.As we know, hives occur when a trigger in the form of food, insect bite, bacterial or viral infection, or some other, irritates the histamine located in the mast cells.