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At the very least point you in the right direction. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk Where do I start? I rent because I don't want to get a starter home and get fucked in the butt by a housing crisis.

Plus I really don't have a problem with the place I'm at now and the money I'd be shelling out for a mortgage has been invested or gone to the bank.

Koh encouraged young people to use debit cards instead of credit cards, which means they could continue to shop online when they needed to, but felt many had ended up with credit cards because banks encouraged students to carry them.

Warning: That piece of plastic in your pocket could drop your mortgage borrowing potential by tens of thousands of dollars.

A couple earning 0,000 a year would find their mortgage borrowing power is reduced by ,000 simply as a result of having a combined ,000 credit limit on their credit cards, Mike Pero Mortgages found when it surveyed the banks on their lending policies.

My OU buddies are still paying off their student loans so what are you talking about? If you're in the Austin area you can find decent to good houses for under market value.

BTW, if you're renting, why pay money to someone else for the house you live in?