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Police and transportation workers also keep an eye on invasions. Sheldon Kelley has responded to wrecks and slide-offs caused by the bug slicks.'Most people don't know they are coming' until their car is almost on top of the swarm, he said.The bugs are juicy when squished, and when swarms cross the road, they can make the pavement as slick as ice. Drivers who see pavement that looks like it is moving should slow down and drive as if they are on icy roads, he said.Lord Byron wrote the poem “Don Juan” based on the legend of Don Juan the libertine.

Minolta merged with Konica in 2003, forming Konica Minolta.

Minolta was a Japanese manufacturer of cameras and related products.

Minolta was founded in 1928 to make cameras using imported German technology.

Mormon crickets ( Anabrus simplex) are flightless, shield-backed katydids.

Although they do not fly, Mormon crickets are highly mobile and capable of migrating great distances.