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During the subsequent weigh-in, Harvey told Ross, “” The seven contestants present were weighed in and then an interview with Dustin that was taken in a limousine was shown. Life without conflict is nirvana, and that is what man has been searching for since the dawn of time …Diamond was somewhat incoherent and provided an odd interview during which he droned on and on about nothing. There’s a saying I like – ‘He who speaks does not know.The seven remaining contestants vented about how much they disliked Diamond for his childish behavior in the previous episode.

This show is based on the homonymous British version, which aired on the ITV Network from 2002 until 2006.

Contestants are monitored and supervised by a team comprising a nutritionist, a psychologist, and a physical trainer. At one point during each of the first five seasons, a team trade-off was initiated, in which the fit clubbers voted one member off their team.

The teammate with the most votes was then traded to the other team.

If I can cause this much turmoil by speaking then fuck yeah dude. Like if Kimberley and I get into it, then I don’t give a fuck …

You [, Kimberley,] need a dick, you need a dick.”Ross told Diamond he didn’t agree with what Diamond was saying.