Jewish boys dating arab girls

Five of the suspects were later taken for remand hearings, police said.Speaking to reporters at his hearing at Jerusalem magistrates' court, Gopstein said he was arrested for telling a Jewish woman that she should not date an Arab man, insisting he did no wrong." at a wedding near Tel Aviv between a Muslim man and Jewish woman.Arabs account for nearly 18 percent of Israel's 8.5 million population.Opposing inter-marriage Lehava openly opposes inter-marriage between Israelis and Arabs.

", were shouted at the wedding near Tel Aviv of a Muslim man and Jewish woman.Arrests were made across Israel, including Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank.Read more: Lehava members have been arrested before "Fifteen suspects known to the police as active in the Lehava organization were arrested or detained for questioning during the night as part of a police investigation on suspicion that they acted to locate and threaten (Arab) minority members with connections to Jewish young women or girls," a police statement said."Lehava operates within the limits of law only," he said."It's all nonsense." The court put Gopstein under house arrest, while the remand of two others was extended by two days.