Is letoya luckett and slim thug still dating

Walker has allegedly been dating Luckett for some time now and reportedly has a daughter.

Though soft spoken in the video of his proposal, it looks like Luckett got her dream come true and has another shot at her happily ever after.

Find out everything you need to know about Le Toya’s fiancé right here.

And we’ve realized that we can’t do those together, right now.” That was the most he could say about their split because according to a clause in their divorce, public statements and social media postings about one another, along with “photos, videos, recordings or other documents” shared with the public were prohibited. I do this, this is my day job, but I’m a lover at heart. But, you know, heartbreak happens when you open up and allow yourself to love. I think after listening back to the album, I could definitely listen to some of my own records after that experience. So I definitely sat back and listened to some of my records and gone, “Dang.” I’m sure that’s tough.But it looks like with the right man comes the right kind of love, and the two couldn’t be happier to tie the knot! (Doesn’t that beat Kim K.’s marriage to Kris Humphries?) They got married in a private ceremony, but their divorce could not be kept under wraps, and reports of the writer/philanthropist splitting with his new bride were all over the news.According to TMZ, the pair quietly wed in January of 2016 before splitting up a little over two months later.They never opened up about the fact that they were actually married, but when speaking on the end of their relationship, Hill said in August that “There’s certain things that she needs to do over there, for herself.