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Cuenca is popular among South American, North American and European tourists.There is a large North American population of expats (estimates range from 3-5000) within the city. Tourists generally come from Argentina, United States, Canada, and Spain.Cuenca (Ecuador’s third largest city) is a top destination for both travelers and expats.Visitors to Cuenca will generally arrive either by bus or plane.In this huge guide, you’ll meet 32 expats in Ecuador.

In Spanish, it is known as 'Día del Primer Grito de Independencia de Quito' and marks Quito's declaration of independence from Spain in 1809. Spanish colonisation of Ecuador began in the middle of the sixteenth century and in 1563 Quito, the modern day capital city of Ecuador, became an administrative region of Spain.

Ecuador is Spanish for equator, which neatly describes Ecuador's place on the globe.

After nearly three hundred years of Spanish rule, the citizens of Quito were the first in Latin America to rebel and declare independence on 10 August 1809.

These Ecuador expat interviews address the most common questions and concerns that future expats have.

These include: In July 2017, Jonathan moved his family from Winnipeg, Canada to Baños de Agua Santa, Tungurahua, Ecuador.