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“The photograph was taken by Hugo Burnand at Highgrove in July during the private 70th Birthday party of The Duchess of Cornwall,” Clarence House announced on Monday, December 18.

As women strive to get back on track this New Year, Special K chose to partner with Ms Banks for a campaign titled 'shhhhut down fat talk' to help shift the weight management conversation to a more positive one As part of the new campaign, Special K invited several women to a store that contained labels inscribed with things like 'feeling so disgusted at my figure at the moment #cow,' 'cellulite is in my DNA,' and 'I have a muffin top' in place of display signs and price tags.Happy holidays, everyone (you too, Guns N’ Roses): Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black all bring the funny in a zany and surprisingly inspired sequel of sorts to […] ‘Tis the season!Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s Christmas card was shot during a very special event.Matt Damon has been on Minnie Driver’s mind lately.And it has nothing to do with their breakup more than 19 years ago.