Datingisfor com

It’s like a friend giving you the little push to walk up to someone and say hi, rather than just letting the opportunity pass. But that’s exactly why you have to start a conversation - to get to know them.

It had a certain connotation to it, like you needed help meeting people because doing it offline wasn’t working. But these days, the target audience for online dating is changing - and so is the attitude towards it.

Season 2 premieres on Sunday, ushering in another 10-episode, two-month reign of season 1.

But the modest boost in quality is nothing to write home about.

The inaugural season was practically drowned in its commitment to a mumblecore-hued comic universe defined by limp execution, clumsy timing, and deafening familiarity.

It was inertia disguised as quirkiness, stock narrative masquerading as bold art, and peskiness paraded as high comedy.