Dating someone you work with Virtual webcam sexchat

Helen Fisher,'s official chief scientific officer, says that people tend to fall in love with someone they're physically around and who also share the same goals, values, educational background and intelligence.Combine all these factors into one, and your office essentially becomes a petri dish of love life possibility.If so then I would not recommend it because if things go wrong then there is no avoiding each other. It really has to be asked because chronological age does not necessarily mean maturity. I don't believe he's dated any of the girls at work, and you know how quickly that kind of thing gets around! I've seen people turn 21 and totally go nuts for awhile; drinking every night, get arrested, and sleeping around.Being 21 I would not think he is mature enough to handle an office relationship yet, that is just my opinion. I feel like he's pretty mature, but I think I'll wait it out and see how he handles turning 21.Sad thing is, I have friends in their 30's who are still stuck in that newly 21 lifestyle, and it's NOT for me, lol!! If the drama happens you can pretty much kiss your professional credibility for good judgement out the window. This is the thing about the office - we spend a third of our life there.(at least in our working years) Just make sure whatever you do, the rammifications of such actions are something you're willing to live with.

Not necessarily, but make sure you both understand and follow the additional rules that come with dating a co-worker.but you will most assuredly become known as the office cougar and thus are going to be the target of gossip and drama.As for whether your relationship will become a fling, I don't know whether that is the case.So be sure to think it through before moving forward. I did it before and there became jealousy at work, your attitudes start to change effecting your work performance, and not to mention if you break up (forbid but happens 80% of the time).It becomes office entertainment and your business becomes office water cooler material.