Dating republican girl

And I would understand his views too because I made an effort to do so.Learning this skill has made a world of difference in the last year. My father didn’t bat an eyelash about the interracial relationship. I told her she was being racist and she admitted that she was, but now that I think about it.I’d like to advocate for my mother because she’s grown a lot in the last few years.She’s completely fine with me and Zidan being in interracial relationships, now. This girl I knew in high school would tell me, “Your boyfriend is racist.” because he’s a Republican.Honestly, if I brought home a girl, he wouldn’t care. She would’ve reacted the same way if I brought home a Bengali-Muslim guy.There’s this saying that you don’t know how racist or homophobic someone is until their kid brings home someone of another race or gender. It wouldn’t’ve been dramatic, but she’d’ve had the same reaction.I don’t know how to describe to you how much I learned from this relationship. We just had really long and thought out discussions about it.

Oh, I mean "deplorable."The derogatory language and immature behavior of those who despise our President — yes, he is our President — has hit new lows.

I’ll go into the latter later, but my point is that not everything is as black and white as the news makes it out to be.

Whenever we discussed politics, it wasn’t about changing each other’s minds. He’d tell me his views and I’d tell him my own; we would just listen to each other.

I would also like to say that me being able to tell her about my relationship at all says how open-minded she is because most people I know wouldn’t dream of telling their immigrant parents about their relationships (Even when they share the same country of origin and religion), so I’m lucky on the parent front. I wouldn’t have even known if my then boyfriend hadn’t told me. I’d always brush it off by stating, “He’s obviously not that racist if he’s dating me.” This was in 2014. (There were a few other comments about him being a conservative by other people I know, but most people didn’t care.

His parents were super racist towards me, but I’m not going to talk about that. I would also tell him what people would say to me about him. Like I said before, it wasn’t our main topic of conversation.) The reason I’m writing this post is that in the last year, a new stereotype has risen.