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'Bob and I made a choice to keep our marriage a private matter for a simple reason - to give our daughter a normal childhood,' she said.She added that Dylan has been a good father to the girl and, in private, had very much acknowledged her.I think in his entire career he has only ever done one chat show.' Dylan's principal home is near Malibu and was built to his specifications in the Seventies.At the centre of the house is a circular room beneath a copper dome.

Despite the lapses in charm, his fans are as supportive as ever - his new album Together Through Life has reached No.

The only clue that this 67-year-old man is Bob Dylan, one of music's holy relics, is the small knot of security men who follow behind at six paces distance.

Dylan is known, of course, for being short on charm - as scores of abruptly discarded lovers and musicians will tell you.

You suspect he is only able to juggle his women so deftly because his rootless lifestyle allows him to keep various lovers away from each other.

For some time he has had a penchant for voluptuous, maternal women, mostly African-American.