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Groups & classes Short-term individual counseling Medication and psychiatric services Questions and answers Off-campus counseling / mental health resources Alcohol and Other Drug Program Counselors in Academic Residence Program (CARE) Diversity Coordinator Program Integrated Health Program Mindful Eating Program Services for Survivors of Sexual Assault (VAV program) About Prevention & Outreach Voices Against Violence - UT's Interpersonal Violence Prevention Program Be That One - UT's Suicide Prevention Program Be Vocal - UT's Bystander Intervention Program Get Sexy, Get Consent Theatre for Dialogue Well-Being in Learning Environments Project Request a presentation Request materials VAV student involvement Diversity coordinators Peer education Get involved What kind of "fighter" are you? If handled appropriately though, conflict can actually strengthen relationships and improve our understanding of each other.

When nothing seems to work Recommended reading At one time or another, most of us have done one or more of these things.

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There is also CMHC Crisis Line available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week at (512) 471-2255. Fighting the Good Fight: Learning to Deal with Conflict Constructively in Permanent Partners: Building Gay and Lesbian Relationships that Last (pgs. The CMHC holds firm to the university’s values and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Sometimes, despite our best fair-fighting efforts, a disagreement or conflict seems insurmountable.

When this occurs, talking with a trained professional can help.

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Alcohol & Drugs Anger Anxiety Assertiveness Building Friendships Cultural Adjustment Dating & Relationship Violence Depression Eating Disorders Fighting Fair to Resolve Conflict Gambling Grief & Loss Healthy Relationships How to Help a Friend in Distress LGBTQ - Coming Out Loneliness Managing Stress Mindful Eating Program Perfectionism Problematic Internet Use Rape and Sexual Assault Rejection & Failure Self-Esteem Sex & Healthy Sexuality Sleep Stalking Test Anxiety Time Management Veteran's Issues Getting Started, Read about the first steps to accessing services at CMHC. Fair fighting: ground rules Fair fighting: step by step. That's because in most relationships, conflict inevitably arises, and for many of us it creates significant discomfort.