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It's never too late To be who you wanna be(Swimmin' in my safe)To say what you wanna say(Tattoo on my face, swimmin' in my safe)It's never too late To leave if you wanna leave Or to stay if you wanna stay (better not)But, baby (yeah)I got a feeling in my bones Can't get you out of my veins (yeah, yeah)You can't escape my affection (yah, yeah)Wrap you up in my daisy chains Hip-Hop in the summer (What?

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I was back in the changing room when someone walked in the door. Didnt' know you had that big of a cock little bro." he said "Yeah. We walked inside and immediately took off all of our clothes, going nude, which we usually do at home (our parents really don't care what we do.

Not hearing it, I tore off my towel standing naked in the room. He supposedly had come home for the weekend and decided to come by school when I wasn't hoome after schol. we can go naked, watch the best porn in the world, jack off, or even have sex anywhere whenever we want). he was really muscular and had a dick that was bigger than mine by like an inch.

Every girl, and a lot of guys that are gay, look at me as I walk in through the door and over to my locker.

I'm a real jock in school, playing soccer, basketball, and the quaterback on the football team.

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