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But he also somehow knew that Olivia would figure all that out and end up tapping him for the VP slot.

Which, as I recall, he already occupied when the season began.

But, y’know, most black women aren’t terrorists for hire, so let’s be fair.

Maya doesn’t work as a character any more now than she ever did, because it remains unclear who she is or what she represents.

When Rowan finally stares her down, he says she doesn’t stand for anyone or anything, and he subscribes to Jake’s theory that she’s only trying to collect a paycheck.

Seems like there are shorter paths than a wackadoodle scheme to invest in gold and short the dollar or some such, but this is ‘ish.’” Despite its urgent title, “Tick Tock” shuffles its feet, ultimately landing at Olivia’s unilateral decision to free Maya. But Liv is convinced that a free Maya can be traced back to whomever is employing her.

I can’t even begin to untangle this nonsense, and it seems like finally gives in to the idea of Olivia Pope as the bad guy.

Between her role in B-613 and the White House, Olivia is the most powerful person in the world. The deeper into the episodes I got, the more I wished “Head Games” had been the season finale, with its cliff-hanger setting up an epic confrontation with Mama Pope in the final season.But a measured pace is not ’s jam, so instead of prolonging the reunion, Maya is taken into custody almost immediately in “Tick Tock.” Olivia, Jake, and Rowan hover in an adjoining observation room while she stews in an interrogation bunker. To figure out why Maya’s cabal is trying to hire someone to assassinate Mellie during her inauguration ceremony.There’s absolutely no way to make any of this track.First of all, where did Luna Vargas get billions of dollars to bankroll this operation?