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This is done by indicating that you’re offering sexting sessions, and/or subscriptions to access your phone number for x-amount of tokens.Also give instructions on how customers should indicate that the tip was meant for the phone sex services, and not just a tip towards a cam show or something else.

I originally used an old Bluetooth headset (headphones with a voice mic that connected easily to my computer), then later I started using a webcam for this purpose.If you want to buy an entire year’s worth, you can get a year’s worth of unlimited free long distance in the United States and Canada for .95. Skype just uses the internet instead of the telephone system to send phone calls.There are several, and their severity depends on your situation. For calls in, you have to pay for an additional service, called Skype In, that gives you a phone number.Your internet connection must be a fairly high quality one, though, or else calls will be choppy.One way to try it out is to download Skype and play with the free service to see if it works for you.