Art of manliness online dating

We have a big following on Facebook, over 160,000 Facebook fans, and then we have a following on other social networks as well. Dream Host is all it takes, pay them a couple of bucks a month, you’re in business. I was just looking at the headlines in all these Men’s magazines and I realized that every month it’s the same thing.

I was in my second year of law school at this time, and i thought it would just be a hobby.I thought some of my friends would enjoy it, and i thought maybe I’d make a bit of money, like on Ad Sense and have like a month to take my wife out on a date. All my family are pretty much government employees.That was initially just the goal but it turned into something a lot bigger than I had planned. My Dad was a Federal Game Warden, my Grandfather was a Forester, a Forest Ranger, so yeah, no entrepreneurial background. I loved marketing, I loved coming up with ideas to generate a buzz.It comes out of the box, and it didn’t have the format that I wanted, so I had to mess around with that, and I broke the site over and over again, but I had to figure it out, and in the process I learned. I didn’t know Photoshop, like to create my first banner, I had to learn how to crop and manipulate it.: You Google it, because yeah, what’s amazing about Word Press is there’s such a passionate and helpful userbase, and honestly, any question that I had, I could Google. And you’d find something in the Word Press support forums from someone who had answered that question.