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There was a hole in the carpet on the driver's side. I could not adjust the seat enough to make it comfortable for my 5 hour drive from Tucson to El Paso.The fact that I had to make changes to our reservation.After a lengthy process, in which I had to figure things out on my own, since the staff didn't know their inventory, I got a Ford Focus, which worked fine.This all would be easier if the staff were as well trained in their inventory as they are in asking the question, "What brings you to Phoenix, today?"(which we heard every staff member ask every person they greeted, like following a script).The first car picked up was very dirty and had 1/4 of a tank of gas.I made a mistake in my reservation (for which I'm completely responsible), and needed to change it a couple of days beforehand.This was relatively simple, but upon arrival at the airport the agent looked at the bike box and said no way it would fit in the car we reserved, and up-sold us to a 00 SUV.

The second car had gas but was dirty inside and out.

I specifically asked for a car from the Tuscon airport. There was only one person who knew what was going on and 15 people in the lobby waiting. Fortunately I noticed and insisted on the 5 rate. We didn't have the receipt but they could see that we returned it with a full tank, yet they insisted they had to charge us for gas without a receipt.

In order to get the car for the price I wanted I would have to take a cab 25 minutes into the city. After receiving my car they charged me for an upgrade (because it was all they had available). We were tired and angry as we have been on the road for 3 1/2 week . And would hope that kayak could return our insurance money which was not accepted Nobody at the service desk when we arrived Nobody "checked out the car" so damages could not get recorded It was next to impossible to get someone on the phone to advise Alamo of existing scratches on the car I did not like being accused of fraud and having a manager insinuating I was a car thief.

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