Adult chat image exchange

The whole exchange is completely anonymous and is designed to reclaim photography from the clutches of a digital world defined by social media mores. An appreciation of fine photography.” Many people complain that the online world removes that element of happenstance with makes real life so interesting and rando is an attempt to recapture a sense of serendipity.

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The new Uploadr application was made available for Macs, Windows and mobile devices.

Clicking on a photostream image opens it in the interactive "photopage" alongside data, comments and facilities for embedding images on external websites.

Users may label their uploaded images with titles and descriptions, and images may be tagged either by the uploader or by other users, if the uploader permits it.

The fine fellows at one of our favourite digital design agencies ustwo™ have always thrilled us with their willingness to mix client work with self-initiated projects that take their fancy.

The latest fruits of their labours is rando, an app which they describe as “an experimental photo exchange platform for people who like photography.” The core idea is simplicity itself – users can upload one photo that is then shared with someone else who has the app completely at random (think Chat Roulette without the weirdos).