Accommodating my schedule

Charlie Allen Renovations added a custom-built entertainment center with a retractable television to provide division between sitting and sleeping areas in this guest suite.

A breakfast bar (upper right) provides space for guests to fix breakfast or snacks.

Even an adult would love to dabble and find his inner artist in this fun guest bedroom. If you can’t find a board this size, you can get a smaller one. Towels and a clean bathrobe hanging in a beautiful bathroom make one want to get up early to shower!

Part of Moen's Arris Bathroom Collection, the lines are clean and offer a nice balance to the plush towels.

The Modern Heritage bedroom collection from HGTV Home Furniture combines clean lines with tradition.

This classically styled sleigh bed and coordinating dresser are right at home with the soft green walls and minimal touches.

Facial services include light therapy, acne facials, chemical peels, and more.

You’ll also find waxing, tanning, and many other services to indulge in!

The solution was floor-to-ceiling, custom-built shelving, which offers dramatic display space for piano, guitars, drums and more, leaving plenty of room for the comfort of visiting guests. This way, your guests will always be on time for their site-seeing appointments. You can layer blankets and pillows for warmth and style.

They can answer any question about lash maintenance and aftercare, they’re amazing at customizing the shape to fit your eye, and no one can give you a fuller fluffier set. I’ve had my lashes done several times before at several locations, but I was never satisfied as I am now.

The quality of the eyelashes and products are the best.

Both these ladies have made me feel comfortable and have been very personable like I am part of their lives.

“You have now exceeded the number of no-shows we allow.